How It Works

We have made ridesharing and commuting extremely easy for you. Now anytime you need to get anywhere – be it the airport, a friend’s place, or the shopping mall, you can request a ride from CueRide and be on your way! Our professional service gets you to your desired destination comfortably and on time! Here’s how you can use our service:

Download the CueRide App

CueRide works by its app on your smartphone, so you can request a ride from anywhere! Download the app on your Android or iOS device using the app store.

Request a Ride

Using the app, you can request a ride for now or book a ride for later. Provide your pickup and destination locations to plan your ride. Use GPS to give the app your location and the ride will be there soon!

Make the Payment

Only once your ride is complete and you are at your destination do you have to pay. According to your ride’s fare, pay CueRide using your smartphone easily!

It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 to take a ride with CueRide! In case vehicles are not available, you will be notified so there is no risk of your ride not turning up after being requested. All rides are typically on time and take you to your destination on time. Rest assured any ride you take with CueRide will be safe and secure so be sure to enjoy the ride!If you love our service, give our app your 5 star rating and review on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

What is CueRide?

CueRide is a ridesharing, commuting service made to allow users to easily request a taxi service to and from any address. With the use of a simple app, CueRide is always there to take you to your destination in a timely and safe manner. CueRide also offers interested drivers the opportunity to offer their service as a way to earn an income whilst working for a reputable and reliable company!

Our Mission

To offer the best ridesharing service that directly answers the demands of users and targets all previous lacking points that existed in the rideshare industry.

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Our Features

CueRide was started as the ideal solution for ridesharing. We looked at all ridesharing solutions, listened to customers and drivers’ demands, and reduced all drawbacks involved in ridesharing. We have taken ridesharing to a whole new level that delivers an experience unlike any other thanks to our app’s guaranteed features.

Fast and Reliable

One of the major demands riders had was reliability of the ride in terms of accessibility and punctuality. We understand people don’t want to be late to get to their desired destination – whether it is a party you are attending or a flight you’re catching, you deserve to have the peace of mind that you’ll be there on time. CueRide offers complete peace of mind in this aspect – we are fast as well as reliable. We reach your location when you request us, and we take you where you need to go, on time.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing was another one of the elements we wanted to optimize for our riders. We looked at ways we could reduce the overall operation costs so per ride charges could be reduced too. We are proud to claim that CueRide is offering the most competitive pricing and fares in the ridesharing industry. We believe in making ridesharing an easy mode of transportation you use regularly, so we made sure the costs are such that they can easily come in your budget.

Plenty of Opportunities for Drivers

Apart from looking after the riders, we also turned to the demands and requirements of the drivers. In the ridesharing industry, these drivers are the key to making this concept a possibility so we believe they deserve the best benefits all the same. CueRide offers amazing income and job opportunities to drivers who can make a good income driving for CueRide!

Promoting Ridesharing Culture

At the end of the day, CueRide is optimizing and enhancing the ridesharing industry with its improved service and prices. We are allowing more and more people to join this communal form of transportation that makes it easy for anyone to get to a place in comfort and luxury.


CueRide is currently looking for dependable, highly motivated team drivers that have excellent customer service skills and a passion for serving their communities.

When you’re ready to drive, just open the app and trip requests will start coming in. We’ll show you who you’re picking up and provide directions to their location and destination. Once the trip is complete, we’ll find another nearby request.

All drivers will be independent contractors and can set their own days/hours of availability.

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Download Our APP

Your CueRide app is the gateway to easy and fast transportation, anytime you need it. We have ensured our app is easy to navigate and use. Download the app today to book a ride for now or later! Available for iOS and Android devices.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CueRide or its service, please contact us today! We would love to offer any assistance we can to our customers or potential drivers. Use the information below to get in touch.

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